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Precision drawing die laser drilling machine
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Equipment introduction:

7号彩票登陆The machine consists of laser, CCD with optical path monitor, precision four-axis motion table and software control system. It automatically completes the drawing of small holes in the drawing die. It can program the hole shape and can be used for multi-layer linear speaker holes and straight holes. Special design software It can also produce axial inner wall arc shape and other arbitrary curved hole shape. The inner wall is smooth, the ablation zone is small, and the punching speed is fast.

Applicable materials:

7号彩票登陆It is suitable for perforating different shapes, diameters, depths and tapers of super-hard and high-temperature resistant materials such as natural diamond, polycrystalline diamond, ruby, copper, ceramic, stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel.

Application industry:

7号彩票登陆Widely used in diamond drawing die, muffler small hole, needle hole, jewel bearing and other punching industries.

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